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3D rendering of the EssenceFM synthesizer
Release Date : December 2019

We are proud to announce the EssenceFM, our modern high-end synthesizer dedicated to FM synthesis !

It features the super powerful VFM engine (Variable Frequency Modulation) we designed, allowing flexibility in sound design and a lot of polyphony.

We are huge FM synthesis fans, but were disappointed with ergonomics and limitations we found in all FM synths. That's how the EssenceFM is born. It follows a very straightforward, graphical approach to make sound editing fun and easy : operator's outputs are shown in real time during playback, envelopes are displayed as editable graphical curves, operators can be drag&drop to build the algorithm, waveforms are editable...

The EssenceFM aims for simplicity without sacrifying power.

Main features :

  • Free algorithm design using drag&drop
  • User-editable waveforms (free drawing & wave import)
  • 300 voice polyphony (6-op FM voice with filter)
  • Up to 128 layered/splitted voices per patch
  • Graphical envelopes
  • Useable as a rack or table-top module
  • 2 integrated effects processors
  • Professional sound quality with 32-bit DSPs, 24-bit DAC, >100dB SNR
  • Ultra fast boot time (< 3 seconds)
  • Upgradable firmware

Picture showing the operators that can be moved and connected to each other using the touch screen
Drag&Drop operators !
Picture showing a graphical 6-segment envelope editable with the touch screen
Graphical envelopes
Picture showing a waveform being edited directly by drawing with fingers on the touch screen
Waveform drawing
Patch page, showing a list of voices and their parameters like split zones and layers
Patch splits

Prototype Showcase

This is the prototype shown at the SynthFest event in France, 7-9 june 2019.
Hardware conception and preset sounds aren't finished, but most of the features have already been implemented.
More videos & content coming soon !

EssenceFM picture showing its front panel, powered offEssenceFM picture in the dark, powered on, showing the screen and front panel

No key lock picture

No online activation, lock key or license system. EssenceFM is your synth without any restrictions.

Synthesizer represented in three positions : vertical (racked), tilted at 45° with support brackets, and horizontal.

Smart form factor allows for rack mount or table-top use.

Synthesizer represented in three positions : vertical (racked), tilted at 45° with support brackets, and horizontal.

Voices are basic 6-op FM sounds, patches are instruments stacking multiple voices, while performances can be used for complete orchestrations or very (very) fat sounds.

Detailed Specifications*

*Some specifications may be improved during product development.

Sound Engine

Synthesis type6-operator FM
Polyphony (FM Voice)300
Operator controlMultiplier (0..40) or fixed frequency (0..255)
Quartertone & fine tuning
Key volume scaling (graphical)
Phase retrigger on/off
Waveform offset control
Waveforms12 interpolated, band-limited waveforms
Waveform editionFree drawing / import from wave file
Operations : Flip X, Flip Y, Smooth, Amplify, Remove DC, Mix two waveforms, Crossfade, Maximize
Envelope generator6-points graphical, logarithmic, 14 per voice (6x volume, 6x pitch, 1x filter, 1x pan)
Filter1 per voice, lowpass, resonant
LFO1 per voice, waveform + bitmask combination
Waveform offset, delay & attack rate control
Max. Voices per patch128 layers/splits
Max. Total Voices3328 (26 banks * 128 voices)
Max. Total Patches3328 (26 banks * 128 patches)
Max. Total Performances256
Modulation matrix8 source/destination mappings per voice, with scaling and offset parameters
Modulation matrix SourcesNote number
Release Velocity
Poly. Aftertouch
MIDI CC (any)
Voice LFO
Modulation matrix DestinationsVoice/Operator Volume
LFO parameters
Filter Cutoff/Resonance
Operator Frequency Coarse/Fine
Operator Waveform
Operator Envelope Segment Rate
Sound engine internal resolution32-bit float
Scales/Temperaments32 editable presets
Custom scales up to 32 notes, 0-1200 cents tuning, octave stretching
Transposition+24/-24 semitones. Global, per patch and per voice
DAC24-bit, 48Khz
SNR> 100dB
Audio latency< 2ms
Boot time< 3s
Effect DSP2 multi-effect processors, parallel or chained
Effects ListReverb (7 types), Delay, Chorus, Distorsion (4 types), Rotary, Bitcrush
Multitimbrality16 parts
Supported standardsGeneral MIDI, MPE
MiscDX7* patch import (partial support)
Random voice generation
MIDI implementation(in progress)


AudioStereo 6.35mm balanced jack output pair,
Stereo 6.35mm unbalanced headphones jack output
MIDIDIN (In, Out, Thru), RTP (Ethernet), USB
StorageUSB Type A
Power adapterExternal, AC 100-240V
Power inputStandard DC jack, 8~16V, 10W


Type7" IPS capacitive touch screen
Refresh Rate60 FPS
Fonts5 types
OtherAdjustable backlight brightness
Background pattern and color selection


Undo/Redo history1000 steps
Controls14 mechanical switches, 7 rotary encoders, 2 volume pots (main output & headphones)
Firmware upgradeThrough USB
Package contentsEssenceFM synth, universal AC adapter, user manual, tabletop brackets
Size (EssenceFM)133 x 486 x 65 mm
Weight (EssenceFM)-
Size (package)-
Weight (package)-
Standards Compliance-
Operating Temperature0 ~ 40°C

*DX7 and other licensed trademarks are the property of their respective owners.